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Preliminary Program


Pls meeting

12:00 -13:00h

Training activity for IPs (Unidad técnica: Luzma y Juan)

14:00 -14:45h


14:00 -14:45h

Opening ceremony

Marina Pollán , Directora ISCIII

Margarita Blázquez, Gerente CIBER.

María Puy Portillo, Directora Científica CIBEROBN


Elevator pitch #1 (16 groups x 3 min each)

Chair: Laura Herrero


Symposium 1: (3 talks 15 min + 5 min / 2 oral 8 min + 2 min)

Chair: Rosa Mª Casas

Talk #1. NUTRITION Does Consumption of Ultra-Processed Foods Matter for Liver Health?.
Talk #2. OBESITY: New players in the adipose tissue-fatty liver axis.
Talk #3. TRANSLATIONAL. Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis and mitochondrial function.
Oral # 1 Title

Speaker (Affiliation)

Oral # 2 Title

Speaker (Affiliation)

17:20 - 17:50h - Active break


Association of patients with obesity (ABHISPALIS)

Chair: Federico Luis Moya & Morgan Salmon


Scientific dissemination

“Evolución de la nutrición”

Servicio de Comunicación y Divulgación del CIBER: “Divulgación de la ciencia”


Plenary lecture 1 (40 min)

Chair: Jordi Salas

Alcohol, wine, and Mediterranean diet.

20:30 - Cocktail - Dinner


Working group meeting: Research program in Nutrition


Working group meeting: Research program in Obesity


Elevator pitch #2 (17 groups x 3 min each)

Chair:Montserrat Fitó

10:30 - 11:15h - Active break + Group photo


Symposium 2
Talk #1 NUTRITION: Gut microbiota: an indispensable tool in the fight against cardiovascular disease.
Talk #2 OBESITY: Crosstalk between Gut Microbiota and Epigenetic Markers in Obesity.
Talk #3 TRANSLATIONAL: Prevention of childhood obesity by using artificial intelligence EprObes Project.
Oral # 3 Title

Speaker (Affiliation)

Oral # 4 Title

Speaker (Affiliation)

12:35 - 14:10h - Lunch + Posters


CIBER technical unit activity: technology platform


Symposium 3: (3 talks 15 min + 5 min / 2 oral 8 min + 2 min)

Chair: Sara Becerril

Talk #1 OBESITY Adipose tissue coregulates cognitive function.
Talk #2: TRANSLATIONAL Targeting carnitine palmitoyltransferase 1 isoforms in the hypothalamus: A promising strategy to regulate energy balance.
Talk #3 NUTRITION. The Effect of Taste, Genetics, Environmental Determinants, and Interactions on Obesity Phenotypes.
Oral # 5 Title

Speaker (Affiliation)

Oral # 6 Title

Speaker (Affiliation)


Plenary lecture 2 (45 min)

Chair: Carlos Diéguez

Interplay between immune system and adipose tissue in obesity and type 2 diabetes.


Closing remarks